Friday, November 6, 2009

Softball News! has been a while since I posted anything! Well, I guess my preoccupation with coaching my 8th grade girls fastpitch team will do that. So here is the skinny on a very interesting season...

First and foremost...there was some pressure going into this season. As 7th graders these girls went undefeated and took home the title for their school for the first time in about 6 years. However at the 8th grade level Tahoma Jr. High has never won it. They have had a few good teams...but always seemed to fall short. In addition there were some things that needed to be addressed as good as this team was. Their defense was questionable...they won by outslugging their opponents. That is all good and well...but you need defense to win in the long term. Also...they needed to understand winning with class. I wanted to address several other things...but after meeting the team realized that messing with things would also mean messing with the team chemistry...and that was a no no...

So we opened the season against the one team that would likely give us a run for the title. Northwood is a very solid team...and their coach makes them such year in, year out. I started MH...the girl who I expected would be my ace pitcher. Do not get me wrong...she is an unbelieveable pitcher in any light...but the season had several surprises in store for me...and pitching was one. She pitched an absolutely wonderful game...solid from start to finish. As close as this game was she never showed signs of cracking or even bending...cold as ice and smooth as glass with her pitching. My defense was diamond hard...with the exception of a first inning jitter run that we gave up nothing sniffed home plate because oh MH's pitching and the defense led by KG and AM. The bats kept going with BL & HE moivng the runners and keeping the pressure on Northwood. The end result was a defensive struggle and a 3-1 win for my girls. It was a hard fought that the girls should be proud of.

I explained many times over the season that blowing out your opponents if great for your stats, and fun for a little while...but boring in the long run. Games like this are the ones you really remember and make a season one to recall again and again. And they seem to have realized this we we played Northwood for a second time later in the season.

Our next game was against our sister squad. TJHS is an 8th & 9th grade building. The Middle Schools are 6th & 7th. To keep our school from forming one super team and one made of scraps, the league required that the 8th grade teams be the same as they were in the 7th grade. We can cut players and they can join the other team...but two things need to be kept in mind...they players cannot be some of the stars of the 7th grade teams...and I can only cut if I have a lot of players. I had 18 try out...I pared it down to 15...the other 3 joined the our sister squar...the Blue team (we are Gold). Now that I have that cleared up...

We played the Blue squad...and while the game was never really close...I will say that they did manage to score the more runs against us than any other team the entire year. We won 18-7. HM pitched a good solid game...but I was also not starting my top players in their normal spot (if at all)...and I believe that with a solid defense her ERA would have been significantly less.

Next came Meridian...a fairly hapless team that had some offense...but no defense. This is when I got my first look at surprise pitcher. In my initial depth chart I had her as my #3...she was good but had control issues in practice. In this game however she could do no wrong. She flirted with a perfect game for 3 innings...and a no hitter through 4 innings. She ended up with a shut out. Again I was not playing a first string defense for much beyond the first couple of innings. We walked away with a 10-0 win.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wing Nuts

I know I am not the only one to notice this...but I have to ask the question: Has anyone ever noticed how the Right Wing Nuts in this country love to use Projection as a psychological tool?

For those not familiar with the concept, Projection is to blame others for doing the thing that you yourself is is stealing from the company (but is probably innocent), while in reality it is you who is doing the stealing.

The Righties in this country have been using that line for years...saying Lefties hate America and want to give your job to immigrants who will make less, all the while making it easier for companies to outsource your job to people in other countries (who make even less than that immigrant would have made), My fave is that the Left wants America to be hit by terrorists, yet the Right poke and prods the terrorists and frequently harming innocent people, thereby giving the terrorists a great recruiting tool.

The latest is calling President Obama and Congress a bunch of Nazis. I think this is quickly becoming my new fave simply based on the irony of it. To be a Nazi is to embrace fascism. Fascism entails mixing the government and private enterprise into one single entity where the corporations are just mere extensions of the government...which they have serious sway over.
There is also a racist aspect to being a Nazi. Sure, you could argue that blacks hate white...and maybe a small segment do...but a small segment of the white populace also hates blacks (and any other non whites for that matter). Lastly there is a violence compnent involved. So let's examine this one a little more to show the absurdity of it all.

Let's begin with racism. Last I checked, hate crimes...racist ones were overwhelmingly conducted by white against non white...usually blacks and hispanics. There are a few in the other direction to be sure...but let's face it...the Jena 6 were the last national headline in that arena while many others involving white on non whites have been reported. This is on top of a rise in militias and white supremesist groups. Obama and Congress are racist. Uh huh...sure. for the corporations shall we look at what we just got out of. The Bush Administration and the Republican controlled Congress passed legislation that was written by the industries that were affected by the laws that were passed. With Obama and the Dems in control they are trying to regulate the industries so that they cannot do that any further and not screw the people of this country. See the new financial regulations that are being passed for proof. That would never have happened under Bush (or Clinton for that matter).

The Healthcare debate shows us even further how Obama is not a Nazi or a Fascist. He wants to give the Healthcare industry more competition that according to Capitalist theory would reduce prices. Yet the Healthcare Industry is trying their best to kill it. They do not want the government to compete with them...they want government to give them a Medicare Part B.

Lastly...violence. The Left does get loud and disruptive. on occasion does damage property (see E.L.F.). However you rarely if ever see Left Wing groups harming people. Both are equally wrong...but property can be replaced...people and their injuries are not. Right Wing Nuts like to physically hurt or kill people who do not believe in their outlook on life (see the assisnation of Dr. Tiller). They also like to threaten people with violence to make people march like they do. People have hanged effigies of Democratic Congressmen. One Rep from Georgia had a swastika painted on his headquarters (and he is black). They have also told outright lies about the pending healthcare legislation (Death Panels anyone?).

So, I put it to you who may disagree with me. How are Obama and the Dem Congress Nazis and Fascists??? Please respond in an educated and thoughtful manner...and not a mindless rant. I know you have a brain cell or two left in that head of yours. Maybe not more...but one or two I am certain.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Thought Bubbles

- Goddess I hope after this memorial service today we stop hearing about Michael Jackson. is tragic, yes he was a great entertainer...but he was not Gandhi or Einstein or some other truly great historical figure. Enough already!

- Cats...nature's middle finger of the animal kingdom.

- Kitten's are cute, cuddly and just waiting for the right moment to stick all of those needle sharp claws into your skin! Viscous little monsters...

- Sad that Steve McNair was murdered. He is a schmuck for having an affair...but if someone had to die for cheating on his wife, couldn't it have been S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford? Blowhards like him need to be cleaned out of the gene pool more than people like McNair.

- Let's quit kidding ourselves about this recession. IT IS A DEPRESSION! And it is brought about by 30 years of laizzez faire capitalism (i.e. unregulated capitalism) and Reagan-esque policies.

- Sen. Franken welcome! Now...please speak up loudly and join the esteemed Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) in getting the morons in the Senate to quit farting around on Health Care Reform. Single Payer is the only way to guarantee everyone has coverage. Nuff said.

- Why is congress waisting its time with the whole College Football BCS thing? We have more pressing issues than to have them try and figure out how to crown a national amatuer sports champion. Besides...the rest of the NCAA figured it out's called a playoff.

- Thought for the week...appropriate for the season we are in: "A family vacation is when you go away with the people you need to get away from!" Guess the author and get a cookie. Hint...he is the greatest philosopher who never lived.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

On a Lighter Note...Bat-N-Rouge

Okay...I know I have been hitting on a lot of political and social commentary on my blog. This time I promise there will be nothing political per se. Just simply a lil run down on the events of today.

Today was the 13th annual Bat-N-Rouge charity softball game on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It is a Dykes vs. Drag Queens softball game. The queens are all decked out in their finest...many wear heels...and yes they ran in them. The dykes...well...faux mullets and flannel are the attire of choice.

I was asked to umpire. This was mainly due to my long association with the Emerald City Softball Association players (who made up the majority of both teams) and my well known on field antics when I play. They needed someone to help entertain the crowd along with the emcees...and an ump with humor would be a good fit.

So as an ump I lived up to my billing. Calling time out before a pitch to give a queen a wet t-shirt. Dancing with players on the field. One queen got a small rip in his mini skirt as he was I helped up ripping the skirt further. The dykes would wrestle between innings for money...I would go out and referee it. I did one half inning eating a snow cone (my onfield partner one upped me by eating a hot dog).

The whole thing was a wild outting...and a lot of fun! :) So many people were entertained as evidenced by the laughter. The player had a good time too...and I was complimented by the majority of them for making the game a little more fun. I had a blast too and look forward to doing it again next year (I hope to be asked back...and if reactions right after the game are any indication I am likely to).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Domestic Terrorism

Just wanted to say how upset I am that yet another right wing whack job feels the need to use violence to advance their cause. People like the guy who murdered Dr. Tiller in Witchita, KS are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS on par with the likes of the Taliban and al-Qaeda!

I do not say this lightly. If you think about it...they are identical. The people who commit these heinous acts are:
1) men (who often believe women are inferior to themselves)
2) religious zealots
3) feel the need to use violence to advance their beliefs

They have bombed clinics, threatened people who work at them, vandalized property and worst of all physically attacked people. All of this in the name of their god who says that they should respond with violence because people do not believe the way they do. Yes, they claim to be saving babies. While I do not wish to get into the abortion debate (we all have different views on when life begins), the act of killing as a response to a what one believes is murder of babies is akin to the antiquated eye for and eye justice that is used by the likes of such human rights backwaters like Saudi Arabia.

So...for all the righties out there who cheered for this murder (even tacitly as some have by further saying that abortion needs to be outlawed while not directly condemning this act), I think we need to apply your logic to the problem. My solution is simple. Apply the "War on Terrorism" to domestic terrorists. You all support if completely. So why not go after domestic terrorists? Oh...I forgot...they support your side. After all...the ones who actually commit violence against people are almost always (99.99%) right wing loons. When was the last time you heard of a left wing terrorist (and they do exist...see ELF) actually kill someone?

Terrorism is wrong. Period. If the right wing nuts in this country cannot see this act for what it is then we need to use it as a wake up call.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Real "Savings" by Cutting Taxes

So back in the 80's with the Reagan Revolution people got this idea that cutting taxes was a good idea. Not just income taxes though. Property taxes and corporate taxes (a disproportionate amount more of this than other kinds) also saw cuts. Well...30 years later what was the real savings? How does your pocketbook seem fatter with all these cuts? The answer: NOTHING IS SAVED! might get a short term savings of a few bucks for you the schmo who works for a living. The guys who can live off their trust funds and dividends while sitting by a pool...they saved oodles...and the deal kept getting better for them. And it was done at our expense!

Here is the real cost of the tax cuts that people like those who "Teabagged" the Obama Administration on Tax Day. Your kids get to pay for it. Yes...there is the debt issue but that is not what I am targeting here. The real way your kids pay for it (and so do you in some cases) is in roads that are less safe (see the MN bridge collapse and the general condition of out roadways), an utility grid that is crumbling and a school system that is struggling to make ends meet. You pay less in taxes while cities, counties, states and the federal government cannot pay to keep these things up. Sure...some smarter choices could have been made in spending the money over the years, but in long term picture which is coming into focus the real problem is that tax revenue is down causing the local level to cut spending (because unlike the feds they cannot print their own money).

What really upsets me about all of this is the schools. People complain schools do not function properly. They are right...but not for a lack of trying. The schools want to get it right for the kids. They want to make sure your kids get a good education. However they do not have the money to do so because on the local and state level that fund schools (and the police and fire departments and so on...)...have been cut in the last 30 years. A school needs a certain amount to pay for your child's education. They also have to maintain buildings and pay for operating costs (utilities, paper and other teaching materials, etc...) just like a business. Yet they are funded by the money that you the property owner and the businesses are saving because you all wanted lower taxes.

Now...teachers will lose their jobs, school sports are being cut, materials are being rationed like materials in a war and your kids are being offered fewer classes that could expand their education. It has been shown time and again that things like expanded class offerings (foreign languages and vocational related classes for instance) and sports have long term benefits to the kids that have the opportunity to have them. But because you wanted lower taxes they do not get them. They will have to do without classes and lessons that could give them an edge in college or future careers. All because you wanted lower taxes. Without extracurriculars kids are more likely to engage in unhealthy activities (unsafe, criminal, narcotic or otherwise) causing a larger social cost in prisons, injuries and rehabilitations. But got lower taxes.

The result of your excess in savings is the theft of a quality education for your child and other children as well. The vast majority of kids are educated by a public school system that is funded by TAXES. Yet who got a tax cut.

If you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your desire to pay less in taxes resulted in kids not getting an education as good as yours than you are either nuts or went to a private school because your family has the money to send you there. In which case you are probably loving this. After all...a less educated workforce will allow wages to go even lower causing you the spend less on operating costs and increasing your profits. Business is good!

If you are not one of those, the next time someone screams about paying taxes...quote that oft used and mocked line that really does have meaning here; "Won't someone please think of the children!" and educate them on the real cost of cutting taxes!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting Older

There is a saying that goes "You know you are getting old when its your knees that go Snap, Crackle, Pop in the morning and not your cereal." 35 I am beginning to understand that...

I have long understood I am not the spring chicken I once was. My body aches after a day of softball (usually 2-3 games) and my knees give me some problems after I hike. But I love being outdoors doing all that Seattle has to I deal with it. It is very much worth having to pop some Advil after a day of fun in the sun (assuming we actually see it here in Seattle).

So my birthday was this past Friday (the 13th...and yes...I am superstitious about it). I got a lot of Happy Birthdays (especially from family...I am reconnecting to many distant family members through Facebook) and was happy for that. I missed spending the day with my sweetie since I had to work all day.

The highlight of my birthday weekend was last night spending time with friends. We geeked out playing Rock Band, watching Mamma Mia! (one of my fave is just a fun flick!) and playing card games. A total geek night...which I love to do.

I may be getting older but I have a circle of friends that makes me feel blessed. Two of them have been with me since I lived in Chicago (they live here in Seattle now) and the rest I have known for about 5 years or more. They have all been with me through thick and thin...sharing good times and bad.

I know this is a kinda generic post...but I woke up this morning in a mood that I wanted to say something about my weekend and that I feel lucky to have great friends and the like.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Conservative Bullshit Emails

Okay...someone very close to me has a bad habit of forwarding conservative whack job emails. You know...the ones that blame Democrats or government in general for our problems. I have said it a million times, government is not perfect but it can do more good for the average Joe (even Joe the Plumber) than people will admit. The issue is the "We Society" (Democrats) vs the "Me Society" (Republicans...and Libertarians who are Republicans who want to smoke dope and get laid). People see taxes as less money that they can spend for themselves, ignoring all the good that can also be done with the money that we all pay according to our means ( and I pay more of our incomes than the CEO of CitiBank).

Anyway...I got sick of this and shot one back to all the people she sent it to. Here is the offending email and my response below:


"The Proposal"
When a company falls on difficult times, one of the things that seems to happen is they reduce their staff and workers. The remaining workers must find ways to continue to do a good job or risk that their job would be eliminated as well.
Wall street, and the media normally congratulate the CEO for making this type of "tough decision", and his board of directors gives him a big bonus .

Our government should not be immune from similar risks.

Reduce the House20of Representatives from the current 435 members to 218 members.
R educe Senate members from 100 to 50 (one per State).
Then, reduce their staff by 25%.

Accomplish this over the next 8 years
=0 A
(two steps/two elections) and of course this would require some redistricting.

Some Yearly Monetary Gains Include:

$44,108,400 for elimination of base pay for congress. (267 members X $165,200 pay/member/ yr.)

$97,175,000 for elimination of their staff. (estimate $1.3 Million in staff per each member of the House, and $3 Million in staff per each member of the Senate every year)

$240,294 for the reduction in remaining staff by 25%.

$7,500,000,000 reduction in pork barrel ear-marks each year. (those members whose jobs are gone. Current estimates for total government pork earmarks are at $15 Billion/yr )

The remaining representatives would need to work smarter and improve efficiencies. It might even be in their best interests to work together for the good of our country!

We may also expect that smaller committees might lead to a more efficient resolution of issues as well. It might even be easier to keep track of what your representative is doing.

Congress has more tools available to do their jobs than it had back in 1911 when the current number of representatives was established. (telephone, computers, cell phones to name a few)

Congress did not hesitate to head home when it was a holiday, when the nation needed a real fix to the economic problems. Also, we have 3 senators that have not been doing their jobs for the past 18+ m onths (on the campaign trail) and still they all have been accepting full pay. These facts alone support a reduction in senators & congress.

Summary of opportunity:

$ 44,108,400 reduction of congress members.

$282,100, 000 for elimination of the reduced house member staff.

$150,000,000 for elimination of reduced senate member staff.

$59,675,000 for 25% reduction of staff for remaining hou se members.

$37,500,000 for 25% reduction of staff for remaining sena te members.

$7,500,000,000 reduction in pork added to bills by the reduction of congress members..

$8,073,383,400 per year , estimated total savings. (that's 8-BILLION just to start!)

Big business does these types of cuts all the time.

If Congresspersons were required to serve 20, 25 or 30 years (like everyone else) in order to collect retirement benefits, tax payers could save a bundle.
Now they get full retirement after serving only ONE <> term .

IF you are happy with how Congress spends our taxes, delete this message. Otherwise, then I assume you know what to do.

And my response


I have a better idea than messing with the government. Sure it is not perfect...but how about the CEO's who make $20million plus per year and cut their pay by the percent that their stock dropped on their watch. Take the financial industry for instance. These are the bozos who are largely responsible for the mess our economy is in. Yet they are passing out bonuses to themselves and their employees like candy. And worse yet...their companies are receiving TAX PAYER $$$ to keep themselves from going under.

So many "conservatives" talk about fiscal responsibility in government and their disgucst at "pork" in the legislation. While I am not fond of the pork myself (bridge to nowhere anyone?) the amount of money spent on pork annually is far less than the money you and I are giving the banks to keep their party going. They live it up with trips and million dollar bonuses while the average Joe and Jane are being kicked out of their home because they do not have an income to pay their mortgage. At the same time we suffer because they do not want to lend money to businesses that need it and homebuyers who can actually afford a home or need to refinance their home. The "Conservatives" only want fiscal responsibility with government but not with the businesses. Let's get real here folks. You cannot have it both ways.

So...let's talk about fiscal responsibility. LET US DEMAND THAT THEY PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR US (the Reps and Senators and President Obama) FORCE THE BANKS AND OTHER COMPANIES THAT ARE GETTING ANY TYPE OF GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE (including corporate welfare) TO OPPERATE IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER. THIS INCLUDES ONLY LAYING OFF PEOPLE AFTER THE CEO's AND EXECUTIVES HAVE TAKEN MAJOR PAY CUTS BECAUSE THEY CAUSED THE COMPANY STOCK TO TANK. The money they are no longer getting paid will save a fair number of jobs and give us all hope that our jobs will also be secure. On top of that the millions they save in trips and bonuses that they are not taking will help balance their bottom line. responsibility begins at home. Americans are running debt at record highs. We need to get our house in order by paying down our personal debts as well. Let our example only spending based on cash we have and not running credit card debts beyond what we can pay back on a monthly basis. Once we have our own house in order we can further demand the government also follow our lead.

America is a country of the people, for the people and by the people. We need to remember this. The majority of this country (the middle class, not the moneyed class) need to hold ourselves and the people who represent us responsible for the messes we create and not leave them for the next generation to clean up.

Nuff Said!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Notorious G.O.P.

with credit for the title to Keith Olberman...

GOP National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, the first African American to hold the post for the Republicans, commented today that his party needs a "Hip Hop Makeover."

As insane as it sounds for the GOP...a party of rich old white men (with an occasional woman and minority thrown in to look like they are diverse) has never embraced anything remotely different than stuffed & starched white shirts with even whiter men inside, this is comical! They opposed the Civil Rights Bill and any other legislation that would ensure that people other than straight white men were protected EQUALLY under the law. They want to write discrimination into the constitution by banning gay marriage. And of course they want to take away a woman's right to decide how to handle her body. And Michael Steele thinks that the party could be made over?

They elected him to give the party a diverse face, but the far right wing of the party will never allow such a thing to happen. He is just a figurehead. The GOP does not want or like anyone who is not white or male.

So...Steele comments that the GOP needs an “off the hook” public relations offensive to attract younger voters, especially blacks and Hispanics, by applying the party's principles to “urban-suburban hip-hop setting." This in itself is absurd given the party that he is supposed to be leading. They want Hip-Hop and other Afro-centric music banned because it has violent undertones ("Fuck the Police" anyone?).

I have 2 things to note on this though that make all of this more laughable:

- First...Michael Steele has apparently not gotten the note from rapper Nas...who declared over a year ago that "Hip-Hop is dead." So go ahead Lt. Gov. Steele...use that hip-hop to spread the GOP. It only proves that the GOP is WAY OUT OF TOUCH!

- The next comment on this was the immediate follow up to the above comment. Mr. Steele added that the party needs to reach out to all people including "one armed midgets." No joke! He actually said this! Does this mean he also wants to reach out to neo-Nazi Eskimo lesbians too?

All I can say to the GOP is good luck with guys stand about a snow balls chance in hell of even coming close to this goal.

Monday, February 9, 2009

People or Profit???

Okay...this is an issue that is the bane of my existence. One that my friends know better than to get me started on because I can get all nutty about it...even though they agree with me on it.

I quite well understand that the sole duty of a business is to do one thing...Make A Profit. People do not go into business just for giggles and hope they lose their shirt. Those that have the gumption to invest their own money or find investors willing to take a risk deserve to make a profit...especially if the company makes or sells a product people want. That is their right.

Where I diverge from that idea is that profit is more important than people. This is a "Chicken or the Egg" issue here, I know. However I strongly take the position that people are more important than profit. This is especially true in times like these where hundreds of thousands lose their jobs each month. While my thoughts might be harder for some of the mom & pop businesses to hold to, corporations are not immune from this argument.

Take Microsoft for example. They laid off 5,000 workers because their profit margin was off by $0.02 per share. Two frackin pennies!!! So because you miss the target by the slimmest of margins you have to give the axe to 5,000 people??? Correct me if I am wrong, but in this down economy Microsoft still MADE A FRACKIN PROFIT!!! Does it really matter if Wall Street does not like that you did not make as much money this year as you did last year??? Sure the stock may take a small hit...but show me a stock that is not regardless of this economy. The bottom line is 5,000 people now have to find a way to make their ends meet...and in this economy (thank you El Presidente Arbusto) that is going to be a damn near impossible task. More companies are laying people off, not hiring.

I honestly cannot believe that a company making a profit can justify laying off people. Not when people are the thing that make the company work. Here is where the Chicken and Egg thing comes in. Yes, to start a company and keep it running you need to make money...but in order to make that money businesses need workers. If you do not have people to make the product or to sell the product than all the money in the world does the business no good. You have to have people to make the product. You also have to have people to buy the product. To buy the product the people need jobs. So doesn't it seem silly to lay off people to ensure you make more profit, but at the same time ensure that that many more people are significantly less likely to be able to buy the product??? While Microsoft may not be the best example of what I am getting at (they missed their target based on B2B sales...not because XBox was not profitable (which it was). However take Hasbro...the toy maker had layoffs late last year. Now you tell me that those people were able to make sure that their kids had a Merry Frackin Christmas when mommy and daddy could not afford to buy the toys their employer once paid them to make? I highly doubt that was the case. If they do not have an income how can they afford to buy things for the holiday...or for that matter pay other bills.

Making a profit is important to businesses. However at what point does making the profit overcome the importance of the people who have to buy the product for you to make the profit???

Which brings me to the other half of this argument. When companies lay off people, especially ones that make a profit but make cuts because the profit was not big enough, they shoot themselves in the foot and the rest of the country in the gut. If people have no income, and in this economy cannot find a new job, how can they be expected to pay their their mortgages??? Yes...the financial mess is due to idiots on Wall Street over reaching for the last dollar by making bad loans, but not everyone who defaults or falls behind on their mortgage is a bad risk. John and Jane Six Pack who made a decent living until they were laid off are as much a reason why the banking sector is such a mess as the morons who steered that car into the ditch in the first place. Companies that lay off workers despite making a profit only seek to pull that car further into the ditch to the point that no tow truck could pull it out. That makes for this whole thing to become a vicious cycle that we will have a hell of a time getting out of as a nation. If we as a people do not express outrage at people like Steve Ballmer of Microsoft for making his decision, we are as complicit in things as he is. We need to voice ourselves and tell the fat cats that as long as you are still making a profit, layoffs are not an option.

As a side note, I doubt that Bill Gates would have made the decision to lay off the people given the situation in this country being what it is. From what I know about him, he is business savvy but would have told Wall Street to go to hell for demanding a sacrifice of 5,000 people to keep the stock from dropping a little bit.

BTW...I am not going to trash all companies in this rant. Oreck is a prime example of companies that understand the principle I am getting at. After Hurricane Katrina their only plant in Louisiana was wrecked. Rather than lay off workers until they were back up and running they kept everyone on payroll and paid them until the plant and office were up again. On top of that they were giving away their vacuums to people who were cleaning up their homes after the storm. Now that is a company we should all be getting behind.

So I ask you the reader...what is more important in this world...the profit or the people???

What a Tool...

So Alabama Senator Richard (Dick?) Shelby says that the Obama stimulus package will lead us all to a "disaster." My question to this right wing tool and nut job is this; Given that you supported the Cheney Administration (Bush did not have the brains to pull this mess off), do you really think more of the same policies will get us out?

Think about it Dick...deregulation of various industries (not just the financial sector) got us into this mess. You rubber stamped anything that El Presidente Arbusto put in front of you...including tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate welfare that only gave companies the idea that they do not have to be responsible, just profitable. But you apparently think that all that is fine. Well...deregulation caused the financial sector to be reckless in their approach...taking on a debt to income ratio well beyond the typical 8:1 that the financial industry considered safe, reasonable and healthy. That ratio was a time tested one that still allows for profit while giving banks the ability to handle defaults and downturns in the economy. But you, Dick, decided that making money comes before anything else and hence the banks and other industries put us here.

Well Dick...I challenge you and the Republicans and Neo-Con jobs to come up with something that is wholly different from the policies that got us here. It is obvious that more of the same is not the solution or we would not be in this mess you and your cronies created. If you cannot then shut your pie holes and cowboy up to this Stimulus Package which offers solutions that you and your ilk would not even dare to dream up.

Nuff said.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Post...a Positive Note my first post I am going to be positive about things...and just post some things that have happened in this current year that are positive. After that I may be ranting and raving about things.

- I have a wonderful and loving girlfriend who puts up with me. I am not the easiest person to have a relationship with and yet she is still here.

- I finally got my teaching I am now officially a teacher.

- Battlestar Gallactica is back on and it has been gripping...and I am loving it!

- Softball is starting up soon...and I am starting to look forward to it for the first time in a while.

- I am looking forward to making some new recipes this year.