Monday, February 9, 2009

What a Tool...

So Alabama Senator Richard (Dick?) Shelby says that the Obama stimulus package will lead us all to a "disaster." My question to this right wing tool and nut job is this; Given that you supported the Cheney Administration (Bush did not have the brains to pull this mess off), do you really think more of the same policies will get us out?

Think about it Dick...deregulation of various industries (not just the financial sector) got us into this mess. You rubber stamped anything that El Presidente Arbusto put in front of you...including tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate welfare that only gave companies the idea that they do not have to be responsible, just profitable. But you apparently think that all that is fine. Well...deregulation caused the financial sector to be reckless in their approach...taking on a debt to income ratio well beyond the typical 8:1 that the financial industry considered safe, reasonable and healthy. That ratio was a time tested one that still allows for profit while giving banks the ability to handle defaults and downturns in the economy. But you, Dick, decided that making money comes before anything else and hence the banks and other industries put us here.

Well Dick...I challenge you and the Republicans and Neo-Con jobs to come up with something that is wholly different from the policies that got us here. It is obvious that more of the same is not the solution or we would not be in this mess you and your cronies created. If you cannot then shut your pie holes and cowboy up to this Stimulus Package which offers solutions that you and your ilk would not even dare to dream up.

Nuff said.

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