Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Thought Bubbles

- Goddess I hope after this memorial service today we stop hearing about Michael Jackson. Yes...it is tragic, yes he was a great entertainer...but he was not Gandhi or Einstein or some other truly great historical figure. Enough already!

- Cats...nature's middle finger of the animal kingdom.

- Kitten's are cute, cuddly and just waiting for the right moment to stick all of those needle sharp claws into your skin! Viscous little monsters...

- Sad that Steve McNair was murdered. He is a schmuck for having an affair...but if someone had to die for cheating on his wife, couldn't it have been S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford? Blowhards like him need to be cleaned out of the gene pool more than people like McNair.

- Let's quit kidding ourselves about this recession. IT IS A DEPRESSION! And it is brought about by 30 years of laizzez faire capitalism (i.e. unregulated capitalism) and Reagan-esque policies.

- Sen. Franken welcome! Now...please speak up loudly and join the esteemed Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) in getting the morons in the Senate to quit farting around on Health Care Reform. Single Payer is the only way to guarantee everyone has coverage. Nuff said.

- Why is congress waisting its time with the whole College Football BCS thing? We have more pressing issues than to have them try and figure out how to crown a national amatuer sports champion. Besides...the rest of the NCAA figured it out already...it's called a playoff.

- Thought for the week...appropriate for the season we are in: "A family vacation is when you go away with the people you need to get away from!" Guess the author and get a cookie. Hint...he is the greatest philosopher who never lived.