Saturday, June 13, 2009

On a Lighter Note...Bat-N-Rouge

Okay...I know I have been hitting on a lot of political and social commentary on my blog. This time I promise there will be nothing political per se. Just simply a lil run down on the events of today.

Today was the 13th annual Bat-N-Rouge charity softball game on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It is a Dykes vs. Drag Queens softball game. The queens are all decked out in their finest...many wear heels...and yes they ran in them. The dykes...well...faux mullets and flannel are the attire of choice.

I was asked to umpire. This was mainly due to my long association with the Emerald City Softball Association players (who made up the majority of both teams) and my well known on field antics when I play. They needed someone to help entertain the crowd along with the emcees...and an ump with humor would be a good fit.

So as an ump I lived up to my billing. Calling time out before a pitch to give a queen a wet t-shirt. Dancing with players on the field. One queen got a small rip in his mini skirt as he was I helped up ripping the skirt further. The dykes would wrestle between innings for money...I would go out and referee it. I did one half inning eating a snow cone (my onfield partner one upped me by eating a hot dog).

The whole thing was a wild outting...and a lot of fun! :) So many people were entertained as evidenced by the laughter. The player had a good time too...and I was complimented by the majority of them for making the game a little more fun. I had a blast too and look forward to doing it again next year (I hope to be asked back...and if reactions right after the game are any indication I am likely to).


  1. Apparently my blog gets read even though the counter on it seems to say otherwise. My blog was quoted in the Capitol Hill Seattle web page...