Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wing Nuts

I know I am not the only one to notice this...but I have to ask the question: Has anyone ever noticed how the Right Wing Nuts in this country love to use Projection as a psychological tool?

For those not familiar with the concept, Projection is to blame others for doing the thing that you yourself is is stealing from the company (but is probably innocent), while in reality it is you who is doing the stealing.

The Righties in this country have been using that line for years...saying Lefties hate America and want to give your job to immigrants who will make less, all the while making it easier for companies to outsource your job to people in other countries (who make even less than that immigrant would have made), My fave is that the Left wants America to be hit by terrorists, yet the Right poke and prods the terrorists and frequently harming innocent people, thereby giving the terrorists a great recruiting tool.

The latest is calling President Obama and Congress a bunch of Nazis. I think this is quickly becoming my new fave simply based on the irony of it. To be a Nazi is to embrace fascism. Fascism entails mixing the government and private enterprise into one single entity where the corporations are just mere extensions of the government...which they have serious sway over.
There is also a racist aspect to being a Nazi. Sure, you could argue that blacks hate white...and maybe a small segment do...but a small segment of the white populace also hates blacks (and any other non whites for that matter). Lastly there is a violence compnent involved. So let's examine this one a little more to show the absurdity of it all.

Let's begin with racism. Last I checked, hate crimes...racist ones were overwhelmingly conducted by white against non white...usually blacks and hispanics. There are a few in the other direction to be sure...but let's face it...the Jena 6 were the last national headline in that arena while many others involving white on non whites have been reported. This is on top of a rise in militias and white supremesist groups. Obama and Congress are racist. Uh huh...sure. for the corporations shall we look at what we just got out of. The Bush Administration and the Republican controlled Congress passed legislation that was written by the industries that were affected by the laws that were passed. With Obama and the Dems in control they are trying to regulate the industries so that they cannot do that any further and not screw the people of this country. See the new financial regulations that are being passed for proof. That would never have happened under Bush (or Clinton for that matter).

The Healthcare debate shows us even further how Obama is not a Nazi or a Fascist. He wants to give the Healthcare industry more competition that according to Capitalist theory would reduce prices. Yet the Healthcare Industry is trying their best to kill it. They do not want the government to compete with them...they want government to give them a Medicare Part B.

Lastly...violence. The Left does get loud and disruptive. on occasion does damage property (see E.L.F.). However you rarely if ever see Left Wing groups harming people. Both are equally wrong...but property can be replaced...people and their injuries are not. Right Wing Nuts like to physically hurt or kill people who do not believe in their outlook on life (see the assisnation of Dr. Tiller). They also like to threaten people with violence to make people march like they do. People have hanged effigies of Democratic Congressmen. One Rep from Georgia had a swastika painted on his headquarters (and he is black). They have also told outright lies about the pending healthcare legislation (Death Panels anyone?).

So, I put it to you who may disagree with me. How are Obama and the Dem Congress Nazis and Fascists??? Please respond in an educated and thoughtful manner...and not a mindless rant. I know you have a brain cell or two left in that head of yours. Maybe not more...but one or two I am certain.

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